Home is where the heart is
But circumstances will never allow us to be home
We have to be here
Pandemic has affected us all
We are locked in a place that is not home
We can’t go home because we need to work
And others can’t go because of other reasons
Being miles away from family is heartbreaking
You miss them
Their faults and good vibes

COVID-19 has made a border between me and my family
I have to wait till that border collapses
And that only happens when COVID-19 vanishes from Earth
It feels like years since I last saw my children and family
But it’s only months
I only wish the pandemic never came
But we couldn’t control it, could we?
Patience is dying, I have stopped waiting with no hope
Video calls are expensive and money is draining away
Yet we could save it for later use
Phone calls are expensive especially if you are in another country

I just wish I could be near my children
Seeing their mischief and chaos
Where I can scold them and reprimand them
I miss their laughs and how innocent they look
I miss my precious gifts
My photocopies, my blessings from above
I miss my loved ones
It looks like it’s been ten years
COVID-19 have mercy
We don’t know who you will take next
May God heal the world
When it’s over we will find our loved ones in peace