Days may pass, not knowing the truth,
You smile more than you can when you’re with me,
I see you more than you see of me,
If I was meant to lose this opportunity
of giving you my love
know it may be what was meant from the beginning.

I really care for you,
even though it might be hard for me to tell the truth,
Does it matter if you know it?
I’m not the only one who sees what I see in you,
Some see more than I can see right now,
I hate telling the truth, but know;
me and you were never meant to be friends
or anything that ends with,
A friend…

I know my pain hurts, it hurts more than I remember,
More than I remember you,

Look outside the window and tell me what you see?
Tell me, who you might be expecting? Is it me?
I may lie to myself but not to you, I love you…
I may tell you only a lie that I have towards myself,
I love you, mama.
A person’s world is only as big as their heart.