When I’m standing in front of a mirror I see a different me,
Different things telling me something others can’t see.
When I get closer and closer I see the real me,
Who I am, where I come from, what went wrong and what was good,
How happy and also how much in pain I am.

Every time I touch my face, I feel pimples
I will go to the mirror to check
How many pimples are on my face
And then I will see.
Afterwards, my eyes will be rolling around
Like I’m confused about something
And I will wonder in my expression
How to make my face smooth again,
Not to have pimples on my face again.

Every time when you do something
Like do your hair, wear new clothes or look beautiful
The first thing that runs through your mind is the mirror
Because you see the real you
Before people see it when you are going out.

When I am standing in front of the mirror,
I feel like I am special, beautiful, and intelligent.
I see the future ahead of me
Because it shows me the right road
People will judge me on how I look.
The reflection of me is the one that makes me more positive.
The mirror makes me be the real me, not a fake.