Pain, yes you, pain
You make us disappear
You deprive us of happiness
You made me suffer
Yet you made me stronger than before
I was lost
I can’t remember how many times you made me lose my way
Question my every move
I thought I knew
But you showed me I was fooling only myself

I know now you are there to make me the person I need to be
But I swear you give me tough love
I never thought I would get to this point
Because the dark room I was in told me so
But every time I looked up the light told me I would
It’s crazy because none of them saw me when I was missing
They saw the smile that hid who I had really became
A building that was waiting to crash
An angel that had lost her ability to fly
I know I’m not there anymore and that’s a relief
But every time I think about it
And it all brings me back there
Damn I was MIA but I couldn’t see
Just as they were blinded too( MIA)