Enjoy these bio-poems from our participants!

I am Siyamthanda,
Colourful and warm.
Who loves positive energy, love and fruitful conversations.
Who fears living a mediocre life and not achieving her goals before the most important person in her life passes on.
Who dreams of the day she will stand before God and her ancestors and proudly say that she has served her purpose wholeheartedly.
I am Siyamthanda.
I am Siyamthanda Mabizela.

I am Adilet,
Introverted and sensitive
Who loves animals, books and YouTube,
Who fears regrets and unhappiness,
Who dreams of being king to her own throne,
I am Adilet.
I am Adilet Hamid.

I am Motebang
Dreamy and dedicated
Who loves music, books and discovering
Who fears drowning and snakes
Who dreams of making it in life
I am Motebang
I am Motebang Disene

I am Lungile,
Curious and passionate
Who loves family, friends and life
Who fears failure and regrets
Who dreams of finding the kind of happiness that doesn’t fade with time
I am Lungile
I am Lungile Manyathi

I am James,
Generous and outspoken
Who loves nature, poetry and art
Who fears to live a life without a purpose
and not realising my calling in this world.
Who dreams of a world that is at peace with itself.
I am James
I am James Masilo

I am Lilonke,
Bold and brave
Who loves music and debates
Who fears failure and heights
Who dreams of a peaceful nation
I am Lilonke
I am Lilonke Sidlayi

I am Justice,
Kind and understanding
Who loves chess, writing and innovation
Who fears snakes and the unknown
Who dreams of a better house for his family
I am Justice
I am Justice Ripinga

I am Gugulethu,
Opinionated and enthusiastic.
Who loves a good book, great company and the beginning of an amazing adventure story.
Who fears failure and leaving behind no legacy.
Who dreams of writing a great epic read across cultures and time.
I am Gugulethu,
I am Gugulethu Radebe

I am Njabulo
So kind, caring and loving
Who loves music, jokes and writing
I am a man of multi-talents!
Who fears hurting people – I always put people first before me
Who dreams of changing the mentality of the unthinking youth
I am Njabulo
I am Njabulo Mokoena