A smell of fried chicken
Woke me up,
It wasn’t the same as the one I used
To smell, with curry and spices.
But the same as the chicken I tasted last December,
I then knew it was for something special,
Something big, as there were many dishes
Forming a pattern on top of the table,

It wasn’t for a funeral this time,
Where families gather in pain
And tears of losing their loved ones
But for a celebration

A celebration of conquering
Through hardships,
A celebration of unity,
Celebration of love from one family to another
Celebration of application from grandfather
To grandchild,

Ndithetha nje I’m in the kraal
With my long-lost uncle
He finally came back from Jozi,
Kids are happy,
Going door to door to float with their new clothes and I’m
Sipping African beer,
Eating goat meat
Slaughtered in the name of my family
Hope you’re all enjoying today
Merry Christmas South Africa