I know I have caused so much pain
I didn’t take seriously what you were saying
I didn’t put effort into our planning
Of building our future together
And staying on this love forever
But I love you and that is true
And the sky is blue
But no one is like you
Because people like you are few
But remember I also feel the pain
I also get hurt and I’m not a saint
I have played my part in this relationship
I took you the way you were,
I didn’t take you cheap
Take my veins,
There are feelings there, take a sip
Is it too much to ask?
Or am I taking things fast?
Even if it is so I want us to last
I don’t want to be your future,
But I want to be your forever
And I will love you till a day after forever
You are everything I have
On this earth, I’m Adam and you my Eve
There are words you said that broke my heart
They tore me apart
I even have doubts that you love me
I even lost track of how our love should be
I can’t lie, I’m heartsick
I thought you were my medicine
But I guess I was wrong
I don’t know why it took this long
To see all these wrongs
But let me not put you in court
But please mend my heart