For Mr Infinity

I shall put in my box
All the promises you made that I’m still waiting on
All the clothes I bought to impress you and keep you dear to me
The heavy, yet beautiful golden piece you bought me on our first anniversary
The perfume that I have buried in my suitcase under my cranky bed

I shall put in my box
The friends that I got at your family gatherings that later betrayed me
The memory of how you made me feel safe right in your arms
knowing exactly that you were cheating
The sharp yet smoothly dangerous smell of your cologne
The last meal we shared together
which was a lovely pineapple from Shoprite

My box is fashioned with your unrequited love
That I never really suspected of since you perfected deception
Topped with the last piece of cardboard from the wishing card
that you bought me on Valentine’s Day
That I ripped apart when you dumped me

I shall burn the damn box
Because I’m tired of waiting for you
Because I’m tired of crying for your never coming back ass
Because I’m tired of crying I swear

You left me Mr Infinity