The day you took your luggage & left,
A letter on the wooden table, you wrote a letter and
Left for me to read. Yes, I haven’t opened it yet
& I don’t think I ever will, it’s like reading a novel
With a predictable ending
Hoping for a plot twist here and there – but nothing.

The letter still sits on the wooden table, it’s dusty now,
I can’t bring myself to touch it or dust it.
What’s interesting is the beginning, the memories.
The end is full of goodbyes, not only did you walk out of my life
Life walked out of you.

Goodbyes aren’t to be said. They ought to take longer than predicted
A short path you took and a long way to the cold mortuary rooms.
You left with a bag of rags and the warmth of my heart,
You made your way back home in a body bag and a cold heart.
I’m still searching for my heart’s warmth but again I remember
The day I said my own goodbye, the guilt that plagued my heart
The last day I paid my respect to you, the day I stood there
Watching them cover you up with your favourite clothes and assets
Knowing very well they left the most important thing, the letter.

They lowered your casket and a quarter of my heart wanted to dive in
I watched them covering you up with soil, I wanted to be your cohort
In the casket and in the after life – if there is any.
The pandemonium state in which I was stuck – better left unsaid.

Do let it pour, do let it rain. For when I read the letter I want to hear nothing but the
Patter of the rain on the roof, I don’t want to hear your scream,
I do not want to hear your words. I do not want to see you turning back
I want to see the raindrops from the window of our bedroom.
Let it rain, let it wash away the pain and drain the sorrow
Oh mother nature let it nurture the seed of love that’s refusing to regrow.
Let it rain, let it pour, let it wash away the memories of you and me.