If my heart was a candle.
It would have melted long ago.
I would have died from the agony
That I face every day.

You felt like you deserved to be prayed and lived on.
You will admire without sorrow in your heart.
You couldn’t be satisfied with yourself by another.
You turned too cold for me.

It seems like a painful silence without you.
Imagining seconds passing by
Separately within my thoughts.
Smiles couldn’t win your heart.
Love couldn’t change you.

At times I think of becoming an athlete
So that you can be my race and I can win you over.
Thought of becoming a musician so that
The sweet melodies from my singing draw you to me.
You are in my every thought.

How wonderful you are to be the one
Who beats outside my aorta.
I was wondering if I could sleep over your heart.
When you smiled in the middle of the kiss
I knew you were after my heart.

I could love the distance between us.
You should take a step closer to my fragile life.
How can you still find me attractive
Even though I am not worthy of it?
I fell in love with your soul and mind.
Honey, it’s timeless.
It can’t run out of time