When I look in your eyes I see a love restrained.
I wrote a poem at my birth.
Another at my own burial.
If you wanna love me
Honey donโ€™t refrain.

A melody of my confessions.
A drawing of my love to you.
A song of my charisma to your heart.
My own creation lived in your heart.

I see you with your platinum tears.
I gaze at your fragile hearts.
Never mind the pain, we can still find the way.
Although memories live on.

I see you and I care for you.
I am a flower and you are the sea.
Let me be with my memories.
Cause you will always be there keeping me awake.

I donโ€™t want to wake up one day and say
I am in love with another woman.
All I want to do is hold you deep in my arms.
Cause you are the melody that I want to wake up next to.