The world stopped for the both of us.
When you asked if I still loved you.
I don’t know yet.
Was my final response.

Neither of us was speaking.
Silence echoed through the depths of our hearts.
As I wondered at me being selfish without a valid reason.
You thinking maybe the love I had for you is fleeing.

You crumbled on the thought of whispering those words.
So your tongue did the talking by responding “maybe”.
That moment you realised it was over.
Your inner indecisiveness made me give up on you.

I had to stay afloat.
On the clouds of ultimate solitude.
Free from emotional attachment.
It was hard to face the reality of being responsible for you.

It was as if I was forced to breathe
Through somebody else’s pair of lungs.
To scratch the loneliness.
Out of my head.
Made to look through someone else’s pair of eyes.
So that I couldn’t taste the blissful love you offered to me.