I wonder how a heart can be determined by the face, if not per chance, otherwise it may lead to contradiction. Even though at times face expression may determine mind impression, heart intention may not be revealed in its hidden nest. In face expressionless, does it really guarantee heart emptiness? For sure it doesn’t.

Often times, body postures may reveal the state of mind, nevertheless the story of the heart. I mean it may only tell the quantity of thoughts, for example how deep, not the quality of intention, how good or bad.

For instance, on a certain day I sat on the steps of the veranda of my house with my left hand covering my forehead. I was deeply in thought, probably weaving my sonnets. Trying to put the crumbs together, cementing them with a powerful paste, for them not to loosen anymore. A friend of mine was passing by, and seeing me in that state, he thought of minding my business.

“Hey, Zexina, is everything alright?”

“Oh, great. What’s up, Thoxina?”

“Nothing, but the way you have seated yourself.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It seems you have too much to chew on your plate.”

“Who told you?”

“I just feel it in my heart.”

“So is that good or bad?”

“If it is positive, it is good. If negative then it is bad.”

“If you are not certain, you cannot tell other person’s heart, you might only guess the state of mind though not for real. I’m not worried, I’m cooking something sweet like an appetizer.”

“OK. Sorry for interfering and of course for the disturbance. I thought you are worried about something.”

“Never mind it’s alright,” I took out his guilty.

So you can see. It is not that easy to tell other people’s mind by just looking at them. They need at least to cough out their innermost for one to know their mind.

Measuring the heart by face is like telling the innermost of a person by their outward appearance. For instance, a guy had fallen in love with a very beautiful girl. And it happened that one day they went out. On that day he wanted to make love to his girl.

Fortunately, his girl was very frank with him. She told him she was HIV positive, and so they must use a condom. But he insisted on unprotected sex. He thought it was only a way to frustrate his advances. He told her she was lying. Where could the virus be in her, with such pretty looks, where could it live?

His childish advances cracked on hard stone, for his girl was much loving. She was fond of him. She felt very sorry to her lovely man. How could she say she loved him when she could not protect him? She thought it to herself. She told him if he didn’t like the condom he should forget it. He could not swallow it. He told her it was over and said he hated her. Though they parted, she was very happy for she had not hurt him.

So the accuracy of measuring the heart by face or inner self by outward look accuracy is coincidental. Like judging the book by the cover, it only leads to exaggeration or meiosis. You may understate the book with a dull cover not because its content is bad. Likewise, you may overstate the book with a bright cover not because its content is good. All in all, measuring the inner self by the outward look only leads to human error.


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