Mayday, Mayday
My faith is failing.
The words you launch
Lack enough conviction.
To take off,
To reach me.

The plan is altered.
My destination unknown.
But my faith,
Once free and full,
Is failing,
Is gone.

Wings clipped.
Ground bound.
The pavements beckon,
Filled with heavy footfalls
Of the faithless.
The faith stealers.

One thing left.
The craft to hone.
To fly take flight.
But empty behind.
Support, the landing.
No help. Help, no.

Glinting metal.
Winged steal.
The faithless no more,
Fathomless and gone.
Left are the remaining,
Waiting to fly.

No more.
More, no!
Build my sky bridge.
Take back my faith.
Hope in myself.
The winged care not.

Take my craft,
Will I.
Take my faith, hope.
Build my wings,
I will,
Take faithful flight.