As I stand on this road,
With my legs shivering,
I ask myself if I should
Keep on moving with this road,
Or maybe it is the mouse trap,
And I am the mouse to be trapped,

Maybe this love is all fake,
And there is an original version,
Behind this fake love,
I don’t know why I’m saying this,
Because all my thoughts,
Are based on maybe,
Maybe this one is real,
Maybe it’s a peak of my curse,

Maybe it’s because I was hurt,
And I couldn’t find the healing,
All my life I was inhaling the pains,
Like I’m inhaling carbon dioxide,
Instead of the oxygen,
Like I was expecting the moon,
But I couldn’t even catch a star,

Maybe I’m not made to shine,
Maybe you are the Doctor,
That will give me the healing,
Maybe my life has no meaning,
Maybe it’s the fate
That will fade away like snow,
But it is so slow,

Maybe I fell,
And I couldn’t pick myself up,
Maybe I messed up,
And I couldn’t clean up the mess,
Maybe I’m out of my mind,
Maybe I know the right thing to do,
But I couldn’t bring myself up,
Up to the act,
Maybe it’s just a maybe.