That fateful first Friday morning
Looked so fair and bright
Yet was so shocking and regrettable
When a stroke paved its way

That hospital assured us
As you were diagnosed with high blood pressure
The prognosis was encouraging
Our hopes held high

You came home, convalescing was nice
As you were getting better
Completing your office work
During that weekend

But suddenly things turned worse
And you were taken
To Kasungu District Hospital
Hoping for the best

Then came that hateful second Friday noon
Looked so hopeful and flawless
Yet so shocking and sorrowful
When malaria claimed your breath

Betraying doctor’s prognosis
Frustrating mother’s strength
Relatives and children taken aback
Failing to hold our sombre tears

The pillar of our family
Source of our happiness and strength
That held our numb bones strong
Now has fallen

(For my father ‘ Mr RL Chiwala’. Dedicated to my mother, brothers and sisters)