Sit tight and listen to matters of heart.
I mean give thoughts to secrets of life.
Fish and Bird swim and fly in love affair,
But with their turf, they cannot be one-breath.
Lion commit infanticide,
And dearth of destitute commits feticide.
Lion and bear they’d be fighting tooth and nail,
Till their last strength they soon become rivals.
Same with ostrich who may fight all along,
But become blood and flesh against enemies.
I’m wretched for a dog who, guard and welcome day with night,
But yet be indebted to receive orts of his master.
So outrageous for a crocodile who’s known to be powerful and dangerous creature
But be fearful when its infants are left alone in the veld.
I want to be cheerful for an Ant who works hard and tough on his time schedule,
For winter is enemy.
I give thanks to brightly sun, which pours deeply to earth.
Natured with moon, which darkly pours down to earth.
For this life we brightly hope and faith under the bright shining sun.
For moon we wonder what the darkness holds,
For its secrets one day maybe divulged.
For this life, is a precious gift from God,
We endeavour to the confines embedded to life we live under.
Forever on this land that time has forgotten.