This mask I’m wearing helps me get through the day
The smile I make helps me get prettier,
The laughs I have bring me closer to happiness,
The conversation I have makes me forget for a while.

Beautiful face isn’t at peace
Beautiful face isn’t loyal
Beautiful face isn’t joyful
Beautiful face isn’t happy
Beautiful face isn’t lovable
And of course beautiful face also has its own problems

This mask brings me happiness for a short period of time.
This mask makes me laugh louder.
This mask makes me be a person amongst people.
With this mask on, I know no sadness.

Who will I be if I had to take this off?
What will I become if I put myself in MY shoes?
Will I still smile with this ugly face of mine?
Will I still have conversations with this sadness inside of me?
Will I still laugh louder with my bitter heart?
Will I be at peace with this pain inside of me?

This mask is the best in pretendency,
This mask feels perfect but not right,
A lie will always be good for a time being.