You are the daylight that
has animated my writing for
the multitudes

Your hands have
impressed my head to spread the
skills of writing with the insight
of Aristotle

Your eyes have grasped everything
my brain can cast on paper,
Your eyes see me inside-out

Your cutters have helped
my pen to remove all my
errors that stagnated in
my words for decades.

Your crew has detached
all the desperation of
happiness that kept
kissing my body with
its spicy lips

Without you in my life
I would have been like
a pillar of sand waiting
to be splashed away by
heavy rain.

My body still smiles at
your existence, like your
logo, its smile keeps my
heart motivated.

You are a Good Samaritan
that has given my soul the
power to give voice to the

You are the joy that has
rained on thousands
of people for their brains
to produce words from the spirit of
reading books.

You’ve showed us that
writing a poem is not just
about producing something
that looks like a poem,
and we call a poem.

As you still play with
oxygen and carbon dioxide,
while you still breath,
my mouth will never stop whistling

“Enkosi kakhulu nga yonke
into ungenzele kwi impilo yami.”