I am a candidate
Who shall not bring ignominy to your heart
Listen to me please
For what I am saying is immutable
I pledge my heart
To you the owner of my peace
I say please imbibe my loving heart.

When the body feels disease
The doctor administers drugs
Indeed antihistamines, tranquilisers and antidepressants
Are prescribed to patients
Love without your vote
Allergies, anxiety and depression
Shall trouble my peace in my body
You are the only one
Who can provide centripetal or centrifugal forces
To build my body or break it into sorrowful pieces.

When people wrong each other
Chiefs, wisemen, lawyers and judges
Settle their cases amicably
But this case is unbearable to them
To be in their mighty and dark hands
Only your vote, heart submission
Can know how to settle my heart burden.

All in all you know
Where my merry is hidden
Birds fly in the air
Aquatic animals live in water
Other animals stay in the bush
Yes they stay in their loving environment
Your vote of love only
Can manage to create my luxurious environment
Please divulge your heart to mine heart
Yes the whole heart love.