When you left I was just a little infant
I couldn’t do anything other than cry
Lick my fingers and roll
You couldn’t breastfeed me because you left so early
You where never there to wipe away
my tears when I cried
You left so early I couldn’t feel
your love and affection
Unfortunately it was time
for you to leave the world

As I grew I met challenges
because you delivered no loser, I conquered
As time went on I asked granny
about your whereabouts, she told me
you passed on as soon as I was born
after some unforeseen birth complications
That time I burst into tears and fainted
as I thought my birth was both a blessing and a curse

Mama, today I am a man, I am a winner
I am a king, I am a conqueror
Born and raised under unfortunate
and unforeseen circumstances
But that can’t stop me
from making you and granny proud
I am a man, I’m a hustler and eat the fruit of my sweat
I am a winner and no circumstance can hold me back
From what I’ve heard I see similarities between us
Like you Mama, I am no quitter
And I am going to fulfil your dream of
making a positive difference in society

It is through sadness and sorrow that I lost you
but may the angels lead you to paradise
where sadness and sorrow is no more
I couldn’t say goodbye to you
but Mama please rejoice and celebrate my good times
and may your soul rest in peace