Open letter to my mum, dear mum
Through the sleepless nights of
My early hours into this world
You were there to hear my first
Cry to hold my hand ready to give
Me my first bath ready to have me
In your life I never asked for your
Love you loved me regardless your
Love I’ll never doubt, dear Mama.

In your arms I felt like a prince in your
Arms I felt at home in your arms I felt
Safe in your arms I felt warmth in your
Arms I fell asleep the smiles and frown
We’ve shared only strengthened our bond.

Dear mama I love you dearly you were
Tough on me you taught me who I am
We’ve seen the worst together through it
All you were there through it all you never
Lost hope through it all you held my hand
Through it all you were my only strength
Through it all you were my comfort through
It all you were there dear mum forever be
With me forever be in my life dear mum
I have a deeper regard for you