I saw your coffin go down to the grave
Your body was in the coffin but there was nothing I could do
A pastor said dust to dust to dust, ashes to ashes and soil to soil
The tears were flowing over my face, Mama I lost you

I tried so hard to understand but I have accepted in my heart
I raised myself on my own but life keeps on knocking me down
All my family members abandon me because you are no more
I wish there were phones in heaven so that I can always call you

I tried to hustle to sleep with full stomach but I broke the law
The policemen locked me in a dark room to face my bad manners
Life taught me a big lesson, no one will bail me out to see the sun again
No matter how smart I thought I am but poverty struck me down

Mama forget when they said you must rest in peace, please I need you
Wake up from your grave and come and help me, I am helpless
Death I will always blame you forever for taking my loved one for me
Mama give me a sign to see the sun again and make things right

You left a space you left in me, you are irreplaceable but you’re in my imagination
When I remember the past, I forget the future is still waiting for me
Sometimes I wish to come and join you in your deep sleep, I lose hope
Memories are stored in me, I still hear your voice singing as your habit

If one day I get out and have my freedom again, I will make great changes
I will go door to door to ask for forgiveness for stealing money and groceries
All wounds on my body are the prices I paid, but you gave me so much wisdom
Forgive me Mama I will sell the house you worked so hard to build through sweat
I will take the money of your house and start a business for a living