Beating bongo drums blasting in Benin
As the merry melodies serenade in Malawi
Ghana and Niger arrive at the soirée scene
Mama Africa, why do you rejoice when the future seems so bleak?

Your resilience resonates in Rwanda
And from you bosom you nurture babies in Botswana
Your adieu strings calm the unrest in Uganda
Mama Africa, why are you resolute when wars damage your physique?

A zillion zebras trot in Zimbabwe
Baobab fruits feed birds in Burundi
South Africans gaze to your skies and pray
Mama Africa, how do you feed your people every week without fail?

Your love runs deep we all feel it too
Your aura is pure like the water on your shores
Your forgiving nature is why I love you
But could you please dial the sun down a little bit more?