Though memories of you
My brain does not possess
Deeply I still mourn for you.
Though life chose never to give us a chance
To embrace one another.
I still mourn for your affection.

“Nine months in my mother’s womb”
Is a phrase that, when heard, pierces my heart
‘Cause expressing it to you
That chance I’ve never been granted.

You had to disappear so fast
At the blink of an eye.
Why did you have to go so fast?
Why did you have to leave me alone?
Are questions that linger in my mind
And tears dripping down my cheeks
Are the only answers my eyes can provide.

Deceiving the world by pretending
Your death doesn’t move me
Is what I do to continue moving
But again my heart tends to sink itself in betrayal
As it pumps the sorrow of your death right into my veins.

On mothers’ days, wishing other mothers
A “happy mothers’ day”
Is what I’ve been doing for a lifetime
But deep down my soul still bleeds for that day
My tongue would spit words like:
“Happy Mother’s Day to you, Mama”