My mama…
She was gone before I could reach out to her.
She was gone before I could jump into her arms.
She was gone before I could see her last precious smile.
She was gone before I could see the last look in her eyes.

My mama passed away…

She left me behind. Here, in this world, to face it alone.
She left me? No! Why? It was not the time yet.
She will be an angel and look out for me from heaven? No…
She was supposed to do it in this world, where I can hold her.

My mama is dead…

I needed you to see me succeed.
I needed you to see me mature into a woman.
I needed you to hold my first born baby.
I needed to enjoy the fresh fruits of my life with you

I want to make you proud and when I do,
I want to hear you say “Good girl, I am proud of you.”
But you are gone, mama. You are gone to the
place where you will not come back.
I am supposed to keep going? How, exactly?

Mama, you can’t do this to me…
Why didn’t you hold your breath for me?
I had to be told that you left me, mama.
Do you know how painful that is?
Mama, I am breaking and I am helpless.

You left me when I was not ready.
Is anyone ever ready for death?
Okay, but still, I was not ready.

“Oh my god, that was a long hell of a bad dream!”
I said when I opened my teary eyes.
With a relieved heart,
I called my mama and said “I love you.”
I love you mama.