The night showers and cooling draught
Stroke the retreat of Ga-Masheshane
Respectively thus supplemented
By lighter rumblings in quest
To revive, the drought affected

Three folks I encountered from
Afar, but their façades were
Rear in the nigh obscurity and as
I got nearer the two left in
Unison – but the last one was
Out of sight in the ripened rain.

Oh! It’s a bare footed hominid
Cadaver in the street core covered in
Watery red substance, and also
Its clothing, docketed too, and
Its pockets hanging outwardly.

Exclaimed I was as no pulse
I found, and masses retorted
To my scream overwhelmingly
But it was already a done deal.
Hands covered their crying faces
As optimism was never found.

Culprits scurried away and melted
Into thin air like a cat after a
Healthy rat, my heart pounding
Timeously as I wonder how wretched
Earth can amount to.

I tried fleeing the clanging crowd
As the latter experience tormented
My soul, but there they stood with
Beaming faces from the lightning light,
Their stare fixed upon me, as they
Waiting for narration I blacked out
As they growled at me like dogs in
Sight of another of different breed.