Sweet vibrations reaching my ears,
The sound of your voice is therapeutic,
Like the melody of my favorite tune
It seeps through my veins
And I feel a heatwave of love
Piercing the roots of my heart
It digs the deepest desires of loving you right.
I smoothly dance to your tune, my heart light
As leaves blown by singing wind
I twirl with arms on my chest
Embracing your love as the sun kisses my smile
I’m adored, as though in the potters hand
You cradle me with tender solicitude

I’m completely enamored with you and I have no power
Your aroma is enticing I’m left in Awe of your presence
It sends me into a field with grass as green as new life
Springing from a well that quenches the thirst for a better future
If I could, I would fly up to the sky in swirls
With wings opened and breathe in the tranquility
You give when I’m standing on shaking ground

Life is redefined, I am at peace, that of a toddler chasing butterflies
I feel giggles of jubilation and triumph forming within my stomach
And if I slip I’ll fall on colourful petals of your warmth and I know…
Because your touch is electrifying

Your knowledge encompasses the depth of my heart’s inclinations
You are from a distance what I call a streak of sunshine,
Rare and different from surroundings
A blissful paint of magnanimity…

You are Mine!

Yours Truly
The one who holds your heart with both hands
And peeps through the tiny openings just to safeguard it