I had my guard up
When I really should have had my guns out
Nothing could’ve prepared me for being played so simply and easily
I feel simple and easy
Stupid really
I saw the red flags and told myself I was over thinking and wanted to try something different and go with what I was feeling and completely ignored my unconscious
I can’t say you took anything from me physically because not much happened
But my trust in people will definitely change

My experience with you wasn’t all bad
In all honesty I’m glad you left
Even though I knew it was lust and you were bad for me

I had hope, I thought I’d get to you
I’d boast to my friends about how great I am with making people open up
Coz really I am, I guess you were tougher than I thought

All I have now are unanswered questions
I’m asking myself if you really don’t give a fuck or you’re protecting yourself
Was it your plan all along to get revenge and to show your friends how “cool” you are?
I’m asking myself after so many years you still ain’t grown.

The same universe that you believe in will surely turn the tables around and put you in my size 6 shoe and surely squeeze you and your ego

I knew something was off when you gave me a cold hug when you left
I just assumed it was the weed and let it blow like the wind

Yeah sure I blocked you and didn’t warn you
You had a girl and I had a man
Us talking was going to complicate shit
What you did should push me away
But damn I’m eager to find out more about you
Who hurt you so bad?
Who made you so cold?
What’s it gonna take to break down those walls really?
I’m an idiot aren’t I…

And couldn’t you just leave it at blocking me – now you’re spreading lies about me
I don’t see the necessity really
I guess your game needed more spice and sauce maybe

So now I’m the fool?
For thinking you were a cool person
Nah bruh you’re just a bruised person.