I grabbed his hand
I had hope he would stay
Just for the night
I needed him to stay
And with these toxins within me
I asked him to stay
I wondered
If he knew how I felt
All night I wondered
We danced
We hugged
We laughed till it hurt
We held hands

I still wondered
Did he know?

I kissed his neck
Took a nibble on his ear
Held onto his body tightly

I wondered
Did he want me too?

I’ll see you tomorrow
He laughed
Was this a joke to him?
Or was it the Vodka talking?
I looked into his eyes
They showed me that his heart was already taken
But there I was
Yearning to be his

Is this lust?
I wondered
I have no answers
All I know is I can’t deny my feelings
All I want is his body close to mine