God bless our Lady Justice,
Handling the sword and balancing the scales.
Dear Lady, where is your blindfold?
Now Justice is no more blind.

Sitting still in a lawless court, you watch.
Backlogs, bribes and agents grow,
They are still under your futile watch,
Thank God you are living but that was long ago.

Potent tool in the hand of the oppressors.
An active worker in the factory of tyrants.
The obvious enemy of the common man.
Wielding its power at the tip of common pen.
The like that sent Wole to prison.
It was you who sent Ken to the gallows.

Wake up from your slumber lady,
Hard to know when a blind woman is sleeping,
But the missing blindfold has opened all up plainly,
An open-canned secret, justice is prevailing.
Like it used to when Ada was raped openly,
And the culprit, your son, walked away just smiling.
Waiting patiently for the day you will come out holy,
And give proper justice without delaying.