They say night time is the best time to be alive.
The air is fresh, the mind free
and the body delivered from its shackles.
This is what it feels like to be around you.
Wise in spirit, yet young by heart.
I couldn’t be luckier if I find another with your style.

Your words may not shake the world,
but they rock my soul.
You speak encouragement into your listener’s ear,
leaving them feeling special.
I couldn’t be luckier if I find another like you,
ugogo, wise at heart, but with a youthful body and mind.

A magnetic fragrance you give off
to those who stay with you for long.
It’s hard to move on when we depart.
I was told I’m lucky to be with
a granny wise by nature, but youthful in mind.
I must have been lucky to be given a granny like you.