Loving a stranger
The dedication of strangers!
Strangers who became friends
and soulmates;
Wind mourned around the place
Sun was bright.
On the cold wind of July!
Dust was all over
the place and I could see trees
Bending their heads down as the breeze of winds passed by:
Like Christians that worship
Jesus Christ
The Lord our provider
I was one of the people who were on the line of
Long terrible line
As if we were collecting our
pension money
As we could be compared to old
grannies and old-timers who would just sit next to banks or
posts offices
In order to get their money!


Just then I saw a young lady
Not that she was beautiful, ugly instead, and
As I laid my eyes
on her
She just smiled at me
I then noticed her tooth was gone
A tooth that made her smile more beautiful than
she was,
I knew that I would never see
Her again, my heart
started to secrete special feeling for her
Not that I was brave to
say a word!
Just then…few miles away
There she was…
Gone forever
Loving a stranger
loving a stranger!!!