I fell in love with you
The very first day I saw you
But deep down I knew I
Could never have you
For who would want a
Broken girl like me
A girl with scars
From deep within
Scars that remind me
Of my painful past

Who would want someone who
Is as good as damaged goods like me
But deep down I yearn to be loved
I yearn for someone who
Will love me and these scars
I wished that you’d be the one
To comfort me every time I would
Experience a nightmare
Hold me tight and
Make everything alright

You came my way
And I found myself falling for
You too far too deep
than I had expected

You brought up a smile into my face
Something that felt so foreign to me
You showed me love
kissed my every scar
You set my lonely heart free
You showed me how it
Feels to be loved again
You’re the one who helped me up
And I’ll forever be grateful