You have always done wrong,
But in my eyes projected as right,
Even when you were moving away,
I still held on tight,
You made me cry and my heart bleed,
Yet I love you more and wished you joy.

They said I’m blind sighted,
Yet I needed no enlightenment,
To me you were my laughter,
To them a disaster,
Of course they did not understand,
For to them this feeling had a greater distance.

Even when I felt the greatest of all called pain,
I still received it as a better gain,
No one from me could remove this veil,
I lost friend and family,
But I didn’t care for I still had my heart’s ally,
Sadly, he was slowly emptying my blood supply.

You cheated and lied,
I could see this and yet I closed my eyes,
The truth meant I would lose you,
Why didn’t I leave?
Now you ask me,
I guess it is what you call love.