Counting the days
The countdown has began
The day is near approaching
When I’ll say goodbye, bye-bye

Question is?
Will I see you again?
Will our paths cross?
Without me visiting this place
Will I pass you and don’t notice?
What the future has in store for me
Is a mystery
But I have an idea of it

Laughter, tears and joy
Have created us many memories
Smiles, happiness and songs

A day didn’t pass without me
Thinking about you
Now that day will come
Will you think about me
Will you remember me
Will you call me to return back

To return for what?
For who? When?
Will things ever be the same

What a difference you’ve made in my life
You’ve accepted me, even though you didn’t know me
You welcomed me like a lifetime friend
You believed in me, even though I’m shy

Acquaintance and limiters
What a confidence you’ve shown
A song sang and you still clapped
Wanting more of it
A friend you have been
Loved to stay