Driven by fear, I’ve grown fond of you
Seemingly, I will love you forever not.
Feelings fluctuate now and then,
Cursing the existence of our differences,
I can feel every bit of your thoughts
And every thought of your heart,
It’s like a platinum tooth that changes with the weather
Boastfulness, filled with anger.
But handling it with ease…
And suddenly silence will break through
And eventually there will be a soft calm noise inside us
Both of us couldn’t reach out to it.
In commotion, you break loose every tightened end,
With much endurance of my gratefulness
We broke every odds of happiness.
Forward we resist, backward we suffered
In no time, it drains our kindness.
New faces prevail, I mean in-depth our characters we derail.
In the summer and winter of our love, I prefer autumn
In thunder of our love fate,
It left me dry, dry but yet so fulfilling.
I trudged through dark and bark
And that’s the scar of my limelight.