Broken love on my sleep,
Heart keep whip.

You can’t understand love
Without being inside it,
You can’t live without being
With someone who will break you,
Life is bitter, to make the best you.

Words are misused to misguide indolent people,
Love is kiss circle,
With no one having its own reason to settle.
Everyone fights the unending battle,
Where hearts are cut with a sharp blade.
Feel it, you aren’t alone,
That we withheld our hearts with phone,
While the bell of time rings,
Without men filled with one ring.

Love is worth dime in time,
We lose name to be not the same,
No one chooses to take shame,
Everybody is inside the frame called love,
So we are inside glove,
Abide by word “LOVE”.
Something that is no longer,
When time gets stronger,
We are becoming LOVE WARMONGER