When I look into your eyes
I find it very hard to stop
It is like they have magnets
You got a strong hold over me
And that smile is the reason
I am wearing a smile on my face
I feel sometimes
When I am just staring at you
Lot of emotions running through

Don’t know how you always manage
To make me feel at ease
Whenever I am with you
You said you love me
No, I love you
Okay, we love each other
Who is the lucky one between us?
Both of us

Your energy makes me feel alive
I am feeling loved, wanted & special
Great trio!
Blessed be my darling
Continue to be loving
Your love heals me
So I forget about my sorrows
Just the way it’s suppose to be

Your presence brings me joy
It is always overwhelming to be around you
Thank you a thousand times
My soul will never cease to adore you
As long as I am still breathing
Even in the after life
I will love you