Love is hard to find
The heart is easily broken
And takes time to be an ordinary heart

My heart loves deeply
My heart takes no time to get excited
And it is swift to cry

You then came after a deeply-loved broken heart
Tried to heal the wounds
Sweetened the heart
Unfortunately love meant not us

Your heart found the best of it
Hey, another heart is looking for it
Nothing much interesting about it
Only its nitty-gritty

You are honey
Attacking bees from overseas
Every bee desires to be statued forever
And enjoy the potion

You’ve absolutely showed me a different love
The love potion you gave
It does listen to instructions
I’ve never swallowed it, I saw it
Then it started to take control
And it is truly a prissy one

You are a heart not to be forgotten
Adorable, loveable, and desirable
Hearts deserve to be handled like an egg
Kissed like a Queen
You are a heart, never halted to be intellectual
The intellectuality of your heart
Truly it is amazing
Truly it is a natural love potion