I was a bird under the moonlight
A red rose at night
Attention I sided for love.
I felt it coming
Thinking it was love from above,
For evenings and mornings looked charmingly bright

Every day of all days
Every time of all times,
I slide down,
Slopping the hills in slowness of my age
Self-honour and respect held the feelings of my unbounded heart
Chaining up in cages the affairs and thirst of my life

Here and there
I recalled loneliness
And positivity caved to zero beneath my long-time fixed negativity,
Moulding reminders that pulled my wish
Pinning them to the ground,
Refraining them from charming on behalf of my heart

In this web
I fell and failed
Yet exempted from getting the other soul
I employed glittering lights
To alert the soul I chased to get me
I chased a soulmate once upon a time
But the yield failed
I felt the pulse, he didn’t
The journey wronged my path
The act was sweet and smooth
Later, came bad tints
My efforts vanished
All was vanity