The only interest that lies amongst some males is within your legs.
You will never see it coming because you are blinded
by the four fake letters that he will tell you.

You will never see it coming because he will charm you telling you how beautiful you are.
And if you are not sure about the mirror you’re using, you will believe his words
more than your mirror.

We are blinded by love, but the truth is there’s no love it’s only β€˜lust’.
Our mind gets stuck in the mud when the word ‘love’ strikes.
We think inside the box instead of outside the box.
We trust too much all in the name of love.

Until you open your legs and let the male in,
then you will realise it was not love, it was all in the name of lust.
Words you once heard will have vanished
Regrets and tears will be your daily breath.