About it I’ve always had a beautiful aim
All I ever got were excuses that were lame
Every time I mentioned its name
Sorry I’m already taken
Which leaves my heart broken
Love never really loved me

If I was a monkey love would not be a banana
If I was soccer love would be Bafana-Bafana
Maybe I am not good enough
Love to me has always been tough
My heart always had it rough

Girls out there are so beautiful
But to me they are so harmful
None of them to me is truthful
They give me a retribution that is so painful

I get punished for giving pure, plain love
In return I get the deepest pain of lust.
Love never really loved me.

I know I might be a sinner
All I ever tried was to be a winner
I am like a baby who is a beginner
I don’t have a voice of a singer
I may not have the quickest finger
My position is in the middle like a winger

Yes I may not have that much.
But for love I do give that much
In return love never loved me
Like Adam, I do need my Eve
I’m always alone even on the New Years’ Eve
Sometimes it gets me so angry
Because for true love I am so hungry
But love does not love me
Love never truly loved me