Since I’ve always been a hobo.
Since I’ve never had a home.
Come here and love me.
See I’ve never had curry and rice simultaneously.
And I’ve never drunk sparkling anything.
I’ve also never travelled on boats or planes.
Across the seas or skies.
This beauty of life thing –
I’ve never seen it.
This “love is real” phrase –
I’ve never felt it.
So come and
Love me.

Love me
When I’m still nothing and no one.
So that I know you are for real.
Be honest and of honour.
Show me love –
In how you look at me,
In how you hold me,
How you smile at me across the table.
Love me still.

Say it and mean it.
Or keep quiet.
In this very night…
I really need your loving.
Need to be in your arms.
Need your touch.
Your little pecks on my forehead.
I need your loving.
I need you to