(dedicated to my next BIG DEAL)

Welcome to the pleasing odoriferous world
By my heart, the barrette of trust you have been crowned
You equal when I evaluate the nature
With your sweet words you have mended my fracture
Since the day we crossed at the juncture
Girl, you set fire to my passion
From now own my plea is, ‘Love me to the horizon’

Welcome to the cheese and milk nation
Qualified just by your expression
Your humanity stealing away my attention
To last or vow for you is my intention
You get to win my affection just by your attraction
The succession of me writing to you is for you
To ‘love me to the horizon’

Welcome to the peculiar planet
It’s by fate, so it’s a must for you to wear this bracelet
In approving that you are indeed a tigress of my nation
Our unity is a denotation of real love existence, in extension
I will NEVER LET YOU GO, that’s a promise, today I fashion
Just a portion of advice, you really have to love me to the horizon