It is said that everyone needs love
Love without expression eventually dies
Who’s willing to give their imaginary love
Imaginary love huh?
I speak about the type of love your body and soul craves
Finding true love is indeed a mystery

I found myself walking a lonely road
Overthinking everything alone
Look at me
Do you see an angel or a demon
I seek answers because I’ve locked my feelings for quite a while
I’m not sure if I’m good enough or not

Ever since I found you I found myself
I looked at myself from a different angle
I saw the beauty I had ignored for years
Now I’ve found myself
If you weren’t there I swear I’d still be lost

Dear you
Don’t stop loving me
Correct my flaws
Walk with me on lonely roads
Let’s give love a new meaning
Love me in a way no one will understand

Give me the type of love that even the birds of the sky
Will chirp and sing great melodies
The type of love that even nature will bow in our honour
Where trees will dance and birds will sing
Where lilies will smile and grace us with a variety of colours
Everyone needs that one person who’d make them smile forever
Even when tears flow
The presence of that angel will remind them what joy looks like

That one thing that completes everything
Today a lot of people have given up
Not because there’s no love
But because everyone is afraid to love
Everyone is so scared to be themselves
We are walking on eggshells
We search but have no luck in finding the right one

I dare you to search in the strangest place
Look at an abandoned place
A place that everyone has forsaken
Dig, dig and dig
Take the ugliest stone
Clean it and make it a treasure
And I believe that broken heart will forever be yours

Never remind someone of their past mistakes
Take them to a place they’ve never imagined
Fight with them by your side
Overcome challenges and make your type of love a treasure
Make it rare and strong

Express the type of love that’s special
Rare, sweet and complicated for strangers to understand
Love me in a special way
Let’s be rare and too complicated
Love is an easy road
Only if the people who’re in love have one goal