We love music
For it can hit you
Deep down your soul
And when it does, you feel no pain
We love life
Not because we are used to it
But because we are living beings
Either praise or blame
That’s humankind

Life is not all about finding yourself
Your search may be fruitless
But hear me now
Life is about creating yourself
Don’t wait for better days
For you will achieve less
Success is your final destination
Failure is not fatal, pick yourself up
Life has its limit
Iron cannot be cultivated into gold
To improve is to change,
To make perfect is to change often

If I live longer I will schedule poetry readings to myself
Take a dose during the quiet night
And soothe myself to bed with some sweet music
Yesterday my childish thought told me I was clever enough to change the world
Today I’m older and wiser, I’m changing myself
With all the struggles I gain strength
I fall and rise
So do not judge my success you see today, I sum life in three words
It goes on!

Learn from yesterday, live for today
I have found out that if you love life
Life will love you back
And if you don’t like something change it
And if you don’t change it
Change your attitude
You have to take risks