Much like smelling a fart
It’s an easy emotional journey to start
Thus be weary of the well fare of your heart
Coz its fragility can be stung through by a deceptive dart

Its remnants may lie dormant in your head
But it’s an experience that’s hard to forget
From the first moment you’ve met…
To your time that flew past like a jet

When your affection is unable to rise over a high gradient hill…
The heart’s tormented territory throbs with thrill
When its time comes to a standstill
Whether because of you or your partner’s will

Alone, time might move slow
But in order to move forward and grow
You have to sometimes let go
Signs won’t show but you’ll know

Whether you wait and sit on your bum…
The right time for the right one will come
Seize it when you see the chance
Thus keep your pledges until the adjournment of your dance
And console their heart with true passion and care
In a frank fashion which is ridiculously rare
Therefore to you, love won’t be a wicked warfare