I spelled out a word, while I was scribing
A poem in the dark sheet
I tipped the page as my thoughts flashed out
I mumbled my thoughts so I could feel the pain
Slow as a snail, I teased up my feelings.

Scribing in the black sheet
Is like a stroke in the dark
A world from the pink star
It’s like my world of kindness
A world from the red star
It’s like her world of rejection.

In my world I truly loved the girl
I treated her so special and kind
In my own palace, I gave her a throne
I let her to be my Queen
I repugned anything that might harm the pink star
My favourite star that signifies true love.

Her red star with rejection
The world I couldn’t step in since I loved the girl
I longed to be positioned as a king
But I strove, any plan I voiced out, she rejected
I never became happy since I loved her
I kept being in my world with kindness

Yet I could still call her as my loved one
She is so imaginative, amazing,
And adorable with a sense of humour.
Her name signifies an ‘exalted one’
I hoped I would marry the goddess herself
But her world never felt for kindliness.

She gave me not her time.
I sacrificed for us to be happy.
I calmly held my breath for irksomeness.
I hardly evaded from my ridiculousness.
I better breathe out for a moment and stay calm

Love from two different stars
It’s like love in two different worlds
Better stay in my own world of kindness.
I can’t compel for true love
If it once existed in memories
It won’t fade anyhow.