Consider the art of love
Desiring to please you.
Oh dear sweet love come
See what love is. So good
love has awaited you come
With me to the Ireland of

So sweet are fantasies of
Love in reality. Awesome
Meaningful meaning of love
Was never so well demonstrated
Under the sun. In this beauty
the feeling gets extra.

I fell in love with you now
Queen of beauty. Love is for
The three of us my wish is

I wonder how we made the
Gods to smile again. Looking
Through, under the cool trees
On the shores of the Atlantic

Humble your soul the spirit
Of love is for all. Your
Skies are resembling the
Heavens of love. Your mood
Is the queen of oasis.

Your hands of love, your
Skies, your romance are
Unforgettable I will awake
to feel with love for the
Rest of my days.

You are the fuel and the
Fire of love Mauritius.
When it rains in my
Country, I will remember

Bye Mauritius. Bye the
Paradise of love. By
The beauty of the